Patrick Panzera


The 44th Annual COPPERSTATE Fly-In
Aviation & Education Expo is coming up quick.

October 28th & 29th to be exact.


It has a new location this year, they're now at Falcon Field Airport - Mesa, AZ

CONTACT! Magazine has been a long-time supporter of this grass roots fly-in, hosting alternative engine forums all week long, in addition to being a vendor. This year will be no different.

We have a few time-slots available for those who are interested in presenting an educational forum on alternative engines in homebuilt aircraft. If you are interested in presenting such a forum, please email me privately so that we don't clutter up this email group.

My email address is:

We have several great forums already scheduled so even if you aren't interested in presenting a forum, please consider attending. Of particular interest will be Pegasus Power, the 1/2 O-200, in flying trim installed in the Cracker Jack LSA ready to begin flight testing,
and Revmaster's R-2300 Turbo ground test unit.

Both of these engines should be available for running demonstrations. 

And if you are flying in with an alternative engine, but aren't the forum presenter type, please let me know - maybe we can just have an impromptu gathering at your plane where you can do a Q&A. 

The event's website:

And as usual, I apologize if you get this more than once. It just means that you and I are on multiple email groups together.

....and PLEASE forward this to other groups if you feel the information is worthwhile. 



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