Jeff Quinn's Dragonfly tri-surface conversion

Dave Klingler

Years ago, now, we had a lively discussion about tri-foils and next generation Quickies and simulating them in X-Plane.  Jeff Quinn was at the wing root of that discussion, given that he had built an X-Plane model for a Quickie and it flew very well in the computer.

Back in 2016, while working for Scaled Composites, Jeff procured a Dragonfly very cheaply from Patrick Panzera and began the process of adding a horizontal tail. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding somewhere between Jeff and Patrick about what he would be getting, and the project has stalled for lack of builder logs or, alternately, an FAA transfer of ownership.  

Jeff's build log for the project can be found over at, here:

Jeff has also since left Scaled Composites and he's not feeling very enthusiastic about finishing the journey.  I think there are various ways we could help him out.

One way would be if anybody in the Dragonfly community has photos of the plane Jeff now owns. But another way would be just offering encouragement, bodily threats, help, advice or all of the above to get his juices flowing again.  :)

So, fellow two-winged builders, you might want to go over and check out Jeff's thread and give him words of some sort.

Dave Klingler