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Welcome to the Q-List. We encourage you to use this group to learn and to share information about our unique little aircraft. While we encourage all discussion, we do ask that you follow a few conventions.  Social networking on Q-List is welcome as long as Quickie Aircraft are at the heart of it. 
Please use this Quickie Aircraft Builders list for information on Quickies, Q-2s and related airplanes. If you want to know how to interpret the factory plans or to know what has proven successful, over the last 25 years, this is the place for you.  Brief questions about new ideas ("Has anyone tried installing . . .?") are appropriate but longer discussions should move to Q-Performance.   
While Quickie Aircraft Builders is the main group, we also have a couple of sub-groups. Note: If you post to a sub-group, that post will only go to folks that has subscribed to that sub-group!
Quickie-1.  Discussions particular to the original single place Quickie.
Tri-Q - Use this subgroup to discuss all things that are unique to the Tri-Q setup.  Particularly, the landing gear installation, repairs, modifications and suppliers.
Q-Performance - If you are into new aircraft designs, new engines, airfoils, or other untested variations, we would like you to take that discussion over to the Q-Performance list.  It’s just designed for the “out of the box” thinkers out there. 
In addition to learning about Quickie-type aircraft, this is also a social list, so play nice and please do not attack or threaten others on the list.  Avoid politics and religion like the plague unless directly related to aviation.  Show courtesy to your neighbors and to those from overseas (Keep in mind that this is an international list) and together we build better airplanes.

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