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If the incentive to move is to accommodate the gracious individual who is
willing to organize this wonderful weekend of fun for us all, I say lets go
whereever he wants to go. Sullivan sounds like a nice facility. Also give
the ladies a nice town to visit just up the street. Always wanted to go up
in the Arch.

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I know it is way to early to get an accurate indication of what the group
thinking as a whole, but very early returns are very positive. I wanted
just put out a introductory announcement to get the pulse of the group. I
have been asked for more details and I would be happy to oblige.....

If it is the general consensus that a move would be beneficial the fly-in
would be held at Sullivan, MO (KUUV). They built the entire airport from
scratch just 11 years ago. There is a 4500' x 75' runway with a parallel
taxi way. There are 5 hotels within 1.5 miles of the airport. Many
restaurants within 2 miles from the airport. Sullivan is right on I-44,
miles from the population center of the US. Just a 1 hour drive from St
Louis Lambert International Airport that is served by 14 major airlines.

If you want to see a draft copy of the article that will go out in the
Q-Talk and DBFN as well as a decision matrix, historical weather
paper for the area, and several web links for the Sullivan area all you
to do is go to and join
group or I will email them to you directly.


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Hello everyone. You better sit down before you read any further. Ok are
you sitting down? Good!

How would you guys feel about moving the 13th Annual Field of Dreams
Wing Fly-In from KS to MO? See why I told you to sit down. The date for
the event would remain the same (3-5 OCT 2003). Spud contacted me several
weeks ago and we talked about the future of the fly-in. He had some
negative feedback about the lodging, availability of restaurants and
accessibility to the location (nothing negative about the airport).

He is a firm believer that the fly-in should be in the middle of the US
that it would probably be a good idea if we moved around once in a while.
know this is a big shock to some of you guys that have been attending the
fly-in in KS for the last 12 years and I fully expect some people to think
it is a bad idea.

What is really important is that we get together, (IMO) it really doesn't
matter where it is held as long as it is centrally located. Last year the
airplanes flew in from KS, IL, SD, IA, and UT. I have heard through the
grape vine to maybe expect a couple of really fast Q's to be coming over
from the West Coast for this years event!!! Is it really important that
hold this event in KS, or is it just important that we all get together to
share our love of tandem wing airplanes?

I have created a discussion group on Yahoo at:

I would love to have you join and discuss the fly-in. On the site are
several files and links for you to check out. I really think this could
a great event and if the weather cooperates we could see upwards of 20
tandem airplanes at the event. In any case, I look forward to seeing you
all at the matter where it is held!!!

Jeff LeTempt
Dragonfly - N1277W

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