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Flia Escobar

Hi Jim:
Your spanish may be better than my english, I will try to translate to
english the story of my plane, I never forgot my stay at OSH in '91. 2 years
ago was the last fly of my plane. I found a narrow delamination on canard
upper side at 15" from fuselage RH side, 3 years before was the first fly
and then I had a bad landing and canard was crack into the fuselage. I think
that on that time I send you a letter. I did a repair whit canard removed
from the plane. Did a load test fix all the parts and fly again. When I
found the new delamination I felt very bad so I decided to calcel the
projet. I am so happy with the plane, it was the first one in Argentina
I will write a long letter to you.
Happy new years, and good winds.
Carlos Escobar.

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Hola! Carlos.
Happy New Year!

Yo hablo espanol como un nativo... un nativo de las estados unidos...muy
pocito, pero feliz annuo nuevo!

Jim Masal en Dallas, Tejas

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