Re: Trailering a Q2 without a splitline

Brian Bulaw <BrianBulaw@...>


I have a custom Q2 trailer you can borrow. Its designed for Q's that have
the removable tail. If you want to make your first modification to be
incorporating the split tail, then the trailer is yours to borrow if you get
the registration up to date, and pick up and return the trailer to Ada,

Brian Bulaw
Addison, TX
(972) 862-6690

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I'm forwarding this email for Kevin in hopes someone might have been down
this path before.




I am interested in a completed, flown, Q2.
My problem: I will have to move an un powered plane across Texas.
I will review a video shot of the plane soon, but the current owner doesn't
find a seam where the plane may have been sawn in half for trailering.

Do others in this situation build a frame to prop the plane against on the
trailer? Standing it on the firewall, leaning across the trailer, wings
pointing fore and aft, are they trailerable? The wings are not removable
like on a dragonfly, are they?

Can you or any other builder help me? I would like to join the ranks of
Quickie fliers, but I've got to get it home first.

Thanks in advance

Kevin Whitton

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