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There is a factory designed Q2 mod available in print with the correct location for creating a "trailerable" tail section cut. It is approximately 8' from the spinner with the bird in the nose to the ground position. I can look for the correct print in my files if you think you are interested in it. Using this configuration, you won't need to cut a "shipping" cut, but will be able to accomplish both the shipping and future trailerable options. Regards,Scott Morgan2 Q2 kits for saleSold - Q1 with Rotax 447

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I am interested in a completed, flown, Q2.
My problem: I will have to move an un powered plane across Texas.
I will review a video shot of the plane soon, but the current owner doesn't
find a seam where the plane may have been sawn in half for trailering.
If it were me, I'd take a hacksaw blade, some sandpaper, and masking tape
with me. When you get there sand the paint off in a couple of areas to find
the original split line for the tail cone, "connect the dots" with the
masking tape and saw away. This not only makes transport much simpler but
you then have better access for construction/renovation, and future
inspection - even if you don't plan to trailer the thing on a regular basis.
It shouldn't take more than a weekend of work to fab the attachment tabs and
get the tailcone remounted.

If you don't want to do that, get a sheet 2" blue foam insulation and cut to
fit the firewall and it's protrusions, strap it down tail up and drive slow.
You can use that same 2' foam to cut wing supports to keep it from rocking.
Without a motor I doubt the thing should weigh more than 350 lbs or so (I'm
assuming that it also has other things stripped off) and the fire wall should
be able to handle the road loads just fine.


Leon McAtee
Q-1 1/2 VW.........At least it still kind of looks like one......if you look
Looking for Aeronca C-3 Factory drawings/copies

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