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David J. Gall


Except, of course, at full power when most air-cooled engines like to be
"full rich" for added cooling... but throttled to about 80% power or less,
I'll go with your method.

I think the newer engines are running compression ratios of about 9.5, so
the danger of pre-ignition and subsequent damage due to prolonged full power
(high internal temps) is quite real. For generator use, I'm guessing they
expect a duty cycle that doesn't include prolonged full power so they might
not have the carb set up for extra cooling fuel at full throttle...
something to consider when converting to aircraft use.

Any experts "on staff" here at QBA please feel free to jump in and correct
whatever bogus info I might be putting out! :) Like I said, I'm NOT an
engine guy, but I have skimmed a few engine articles in Contact!

David J. Gall

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What would be the fuel consumption for a 40 hp engine?

I'm at the keyboard so.......

Depends on how efficient your motor is, but on average for an air-cooled
motor of the sophistication we normally bolt on an aircraft you
can figure around
.45 to .47 pounds of fuel per horsepower per hour.

40 Hp @ .45#/hp/hr = 3.2 gallons per hour.


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