Re: Onan, 18 or 20?

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You really do want to be an engine guy!! Success!!

"David J. Gall" wrote:


Mine is kit #545. It came with the "22.5 hp" engine but without an oil

cooler. I've put a lot of work into removing the casting flash from
outside of the block to promote better airflow around the valve areas.
also torn it down and balanced all the internals, removed the governer

parts, etc., and put on electonic ignition and the "20 hp" Onan heads
gaskets (GA020). I think I'll just fly with this until I can't stand
Then I might put in the P224/Linamar LX990 or ...?

David J. Gall

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What did you say the serial no. of your Q1 is? Mine is 0229 and
know I had the 18HP Onan -- I'm pretty sure the modified engine
available until after I bought my kit. I have replaced mine with a
Rotax 532, though I know where my original engine is, if you want a
spare or a parts engine.

Mark A. Pearson

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