Re: Question from a Q1 Driver

Bruce Crain

Before you fill the holes and lay up with the cloth I would drill several
little 1/16" or smaller holes around the circumference of the damage.
Then I would mix a very wet micro mix and syringe it into the holes to
see if you can drive the "mix" from 1 hole to the others. If you have
fuel getting into the foam it will tell you how much foam is missing and
give you confidence (or not) about using this canard. The micro mix is a
good accepted repair for delaminations on wings as the foam and glass
need to be bonded to have the shear web needed in composite construction.
Oh, if the micro mix doesn't run from 1 hole to another you might try
drill 2 small holes in the middle of the "indentation" to see if the
"mix" will run from 1 to the other. If you can't get the micro to run
underneath the glass then forget it and fill the holes and glass over.

Bruce Crain

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001 08:28:36 -0500 "Dave Richardson"
<dave@...> writes:
Hi Folks.

I'm in the process of getting things ready for the first Q-Talk of
2001 and
I received article part of which is shown below from one of the guys
subscribing. When I see a 'question' type of a note from people
sending in
articles, I'm going to submit it to the Q-List on their behalf to give
some access to this wealth of knowledge. If there questions that need
to be
asked, I'll collect them and get in touch with the individual and post
answers to the questions on the Q-List. Believe it or not, there are
plenty of QBA folks who are not on the internet but still have
questions. I
intend on putting their full article in the Q-Talk along
a synopsis of the answers or directions suggested by the Q-List.

Here it is.


In storage, a peculiar problem again has surfaced and I do not know
how to
remedy it. On the leading edge of the canard I've noticed many
indentations. It's as though a sharp edged tool was hammered down the
surface. These indentations are about 6" - 8" apart, 1"-2" long and
1/8" deep. The layered expoxied fiberglass seems to have been sucked
Don't know how this is possible! The foam beneath this could have
making these indentations. I wrote to Ron Alexander about this. He
suggested I fill the indentations with an epoxy slurry mix, sand to
adjoining surface and then place another fiberglass layer over all of
A lot of work, but worth doing.

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