Re: Rudder balancing

David J. Gall


One thing you can do if you have Frontpage or Frontpage Express (free with
older versions of Internet Exporer) is to "publish" the website to your own
hard drive as though the source files on the internet were "your" source
files to publish from. This has worked for me in the past....

David J. Gall

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Another question slightly off topic - I was looking at the same site this
evening (FAA part 23) and it quit working in the middle of my
search also. Do
you know of a link where I could down load the whole of part 23
in PDF, or other
format? Saving each section as a web page could take a while and
I'm just
too cheap to buy a printed copy.

Leon McAtee
Q-1 "super sized"...............Flight time 0 hrs.
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