Re: New design?

Bruce Crain

Wasn't the Dragonfly the next evolution after the Q?
It does have a larger cockpit. It could probably benefit from the LS1 canard or something better. Butch Hernandez had a nice Tri-Dragonfly with a Continental 0200. It is probably in line for a hp increase along with a strenghtening of the flying surfaces. Justin Mace has an O200 on his Dragonfly. Maybe 150 hp or more. I love my TriQ200 but a Dragonfly might be stretched and pumped easier. Just a suggestion. I love to stir it up!

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My Q200, does fly well when you get up a head a steam, but I really
think the QAC didn't do a very good job in the conversion.
While I've got some reservations about the Q-2, I wouldn't go so far as to
say that QAC didn't do a very good job. For it's time the Q-2 was a pretty good
plane, just maybe not as good as their add copy implied. Still is a good
design compared to some. We've hopefully learned a little bit since then. I'd
hope that if someone "updates" the Q they actually make some improvements.

<<Hope your "supersized" works well, I bet it will.>>

Time will tell. I know my mods to accommodate my girth have added a bit of
drag. But that's what the ~30 snarling Hp is there for <G>

Leon McAtee
Q-1 "super sized"...............Flight time 0 hrs.
Looking for Aeronca C-3 Factory drawings/copies
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