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The trouble with a mono wheel, at least as used on the Europa, is that there
is no way to have any brake steering. As for me personally, I'm not
interested in flying a taildragger without brake steering. We have a mono
wheel Europa in our Chapter at LVK, and the two partners have ground looped
it a couple of times. They wish they had built the tri-gear version and are
very nervous about flying it in a crosswind. The monowheel is more suitable
for European grass fields where you need the tundra tire for rough surface
and there are often large grass fields where landing into the wind is
usually an option. The Q as designed is remarkably low drag, efficient, and
a delight to fly. It is also very simple, not much more complicated than a
J3 Cub. It seems to me that the best route to lower stall speed is more wing
area - see Dragonfly or Bruce Crain mods. Just remember TANSTAAFL! There
ain't no such thing as a free lunch. This doesn't mean that no improvements
are possible, or that a different mission isn't wanted. But a lot of
airplanes have come down the pike in the last 20 years, and few of them
approach the Q in performance on the horsepower. Just my 2 cents from a
satisfied customer.

Bob F.

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On a Q200 one could on first thumbnail hinge it off the firewall and nest
under the center console with a blister on the bottom of the fuselage. the
wing tip wheels would have to change to smaller stabilizer wheels and
retractable gear. I would be comfortable utilizing the end of spar as a
hinge point.
Looks good on sketches .

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