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David J. Gall


You missed the point. Peter agrees with Bob that the monowheel is NOT
something to put on a Q.

In deference to Bruce (you're still not getting my Bud Light!) Crain,
consider that I didn't rebuke you for your obvious attempt to provoke Peter
as a "kiss" of the most distant sort.

Now, don't ever darken my email box with your innuendos about who's trying
to "take credit" for stuff again. And stop sending me stuff off-list.

I've had it with your behavior on this list. You have started something like
this every fall since 1999, and you're at it again. You won't make it
through the holidays without getting in scraps with at least three people on
this list. I, for one, am tired of seeing it year after year. This list was
nice and peaceable while you were gone off starting your own list. Now here
we are with you back among us, hijacking topics to your own agenda and
bludgeoning people with your opinions until they either stop responding or
until you start picking on somebody else.

Go away, Al.

David J. Gall

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Sounds like quite a mod...

Let's see, doesn't work well with the Europa...let's try it on a Q...

As always, give it a try and report back, with input on stick
movements, both forward and aft...of course!

Do you think it would make a Q go faster too?


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I agree with Bob re the use of a mono wheel and I have heard a lot
of complaints about the Europa landing / ground handling perhaps
worse than the Q.But simple manual retractable gear could be part of
the new spec.
Alternatively if the canard tip wheels are retained in the new
design there is a ground handling issue to be solved. The canard at
present acts like an undamped spring and under certain conditions it
may oscillate or buck at the natural frequency of the "spring" and
this is one of the main characteristics which can give the Q a
reputation for a wild ride - even broken props. Most of us have
adapted to this little quirk by one means or another. Basically by
moving the stick either fwd or back the natural frequency of
the "spring" is altered which kills the oscillation. If the stick is
moved back there is the added advantage that there is more movement
available, increased load on the tailwheel for stability, and the
elevator acts like a flap or airbrake to reduce the ground run. If
pre- formed wings/ canard are made the design could incorporate
damping in the canard to eliminate this effect.
VH ONQ Q2 300hrs
But Bob is right
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The trouble with a mono wheel, at least as used on the Europa,
is that there
is no way to have any brake steering. As for me personally, I'm
interested in flying a taildragger without brake steering. We
have a mono
wheel Europa in our Chapter at LVK, and the two partners have
ground looped
it a couple of times. They wish they had built the tri-gear
version and are
very nervous about flying it in a crosswind. The monowheel is
more suitable
for European grass fields where you need the tundra tire for
rough surface
and there are often large grass fields where landing into the
wind is
usually an option. The Q as designed is remarkably low drag,
efficient, and
a delight to fly. It is also very simple, not much more
complicated than a
J3 Cub. It seems to me that the best route to lower stall speed
is more wing
area - see Dragonfly or Bruce Crain mods. Just remember
ain't no such thing as a free lunch. This doesn't mean that no
are possible, or that a different mission isn't wanted. But a
lot of
airplanes have come down the pike in the last 20 years, and few
of them
approach the Q in performance on the horsepower. Just my 2 cents
from a
satisfied customer.

Bob F.
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On a Q200 one could on first thumbnail hinge it off the
firewall and nest
under the center console with a blister on the bottom of the
fuselage. the
wing tip wheels would have to change to smaller stabilizer
wheels and
retractable gear. I would be comfortable utilizing the end of
spar as a
hinge point.
Looks good on sketches .

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