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David J. Gall

Agreed. This is good advice.

David J. Gall

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Dear Dr.

In answer to your question: "My "intention" to build the 240"
origin from the fact that I would like to reduce the stall speed
keep it as light as possible in order to land on short grass fields
(400m. about 1212'). Any comments about that?"

Since no one else has commented, here it goes...

I have not flown a Q with the long Canard, but I doubt that it will
enable you to operate out of such a short, non-smooth surface. I
suspect that you are intending this for a trigear, something else, I
haven't flown.

I have flown my tailwheel in and out of a field that was just under
2000'...had I continued, I doubt that the plane would still be
flying, as I suspect I would have crashed it....I've been flying
everything I can get my hands on for over 25 I don't
think it's because of my lack of experience...I would not do this

Based purely upon only the past 21 years of interest in the Q, I
doubt that it should be the choice of aircraft for such
operation...long canard, short canard, tailwheel or trigear.

Buy a Super Cub or a Maule.

Al Kittleson

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