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Your numbers sound very similar to mine. I also have the Revmaster and have to use reflexor for all take offs and landings. I trim with reflexor so that it flies level at 100 mph and I have plenty of back stick left for slowing down for landings. Even with a passenger I have to use reflexor because the main wing is so effective. In level flight, solo, with zero degrees reflexor, my elevators are down about 2-3 degrees, with passenger the elevators are almost neutral, as is the reflexor. With a passenger I also found that my stall speed increased by about 5 mph...but no more than that. My Q2 weighs 723 lbs. with full fuel (20 gallons). I've flown it at 1085 lbs. and it flew fine but I'd like to practice a lot with that much weight because it seems to be asking a lot out of a 65 hp engine. I hope that this helps answer a couple of Hawkeye's questions. Dave Dugas

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The gross for a Revmaster Q2 is 1,000 lbs. 200 over would be 1,200 not
1,300. Would not want to be in one at 1,300. I have seen one fly at 1,200
and it is marginal; about 150 fpm climb rate. This at sea level. I think
the practical maximum is 1,100 with the Revmaster. At 150 mph and 900
gross, I use 0 degrees reflexor. 5 up sounds reasonable. You will need
more with the type 4. You may want to move weight back for optimum cruise,
but get it flying safely first.

Have you flown it with the Revmaster? What is your HP?

James Postma
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Thanks for your comments James! I just talked to one of the previous
who has the Mech. ticket for my bird (his partner was the test pilot). We
were discussing this W&B issue. He said with the Revmaster they had to
reflex the tail down to acheive optimum speed. I did find in the log book
note that "best speed with 5 degrees up reflexor". I assume this means
ailerons up; tail down which would be consistant with the other owners
comments. He even said they flew this Q2 at 200 lbs. over gross and it
"OK". Back then this would mean 1300 lbs. I found no log of this.

If this was you bird, what would you do? I am willing to move the battery
forward and get the lighter battery. But does this mean I will likely
to put more up reflex in and cause drag?? Again, I have a heavier VW
type 4
engine (14lbs.) on the front replacing the Revmaster.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE

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