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Sorry about the error.

I get, you in the plane, gas in the header, no battery: 855# at 45 "
Add battery
879#at 46.8"

looks like that battery is a BIG tie breaker.

I have mine mounted on the inside (cockpit) side of the firewall, right
side, above one of the
stiffeners. It's a B&C battery and I think it weighs about 17#.

It would be the answer to your baggage area carrying more than air.

The wires to the engine aren't more than about 3 feet long. It really
helps to keep the line loss down
at the high current times. Spins the engine very well.

Good luck,


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<< Doug,

With you in the plane and gas in the header, (no battery) , I get:

879 lbs at CG of 46.8 "

I have my battery on the inside of the firewall.....Looks like you
have to move it somewhere close to there also to make it work.

That is one heavy battery...subtract the cables etc and I bet you
loose 10 lbs with a lighter one on the firewall.

Are you sure that your header CG is only 12" aft of the firewall?

46" seems to be a long way aft for the main fuel tank, as does 60"
the people. I don't think there's 14" difference between your butt
the fuel....and it all seems to be too far aft to be correct.....

I don't have my logs here at home, but from tidbits of info I had
laying around, these numbers seem to be too far aft....what does
manual say?

Al >>

Hi Al! The empty weights I gave included the 24.4 lb. battery.
Empty weight
without battery is 630.81 with a cg of 40.84. Then you can add the
24.4 lb.
battery back in at an arm of 112.5. As far as my positions go, I
have the
LS1 canard and I called Paul Fisher yesterday and my positions are
similar to his. His engine is heavier so his numbers look better.
reviewing all this I'm going to get a lighter battery and move it
and my ELT
to the bagage compartment and go on a diet. I am re-naming the
compartment to air compartment and everything should be better.

Did you mount your battery inside the cowling? Everyone I've spoke
to has
told me it is too hot for a battery there. What kind of battery do
you use
and how much does it weigh? etc.

Thanks for your comments. They help alot!!!!

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE

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