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Hi Martin,

I'm new to the aircraft industry, and your question brings up questions of
my own. What kind of insurance should one have on their plane. If you
already have a large umbrella liabilty policy for something else would that
be sufficient?? Other than that would might you want physical damage



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Bad news q drivers. I just got my insurance bill from Avemco for 2001.

liability Hull ex. in fight total

2000 343 357 700
2001 522 604 1126

I called them to tell them that they must have made a mistake. But they
oh no,
they had the first rate increase in several years and were adding a 20%
penalty to all canard type aircraft. I would like to know if anyone else
seeing a 61% increase. seems like a lot after 700 hours and no claims.

Earnest Martin

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