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DKeats/CWalterson <dkeats@...>

Mike--------- The Q1 is a nice airplane with the Onan, but with the
503 Rotax it's fantastic. Mine has the 503 with electric start and I
weigh 349 empty. My gross is 600. Usually on takeoff, I stay above the
runway until I see 70 mph.This takes about five seconds , and then I
crank back on the stick and keep it at 70. I see between 1200 and 1600
fpm climb easily. Really impresses anyone looking on. I live in
Norththern Ontario and we have the new 415 water bombers stationed
here. They are 25 million brand new. After I go flying in the Q1 and
am taxiing back , usually the bomber pilots come to check my liitle
plane out. Like I tell my wife, it's not what you got , but how you use
it, and the 503 quickie is a great combination. The only downside is
fuel burn. I only have the eight gallon tank so that gives me a little
over an hour then I'm into reserve. Gonna put another tank someday, but
for what I use the airplane for [ adrenilin fix ] , it's just
fine.------------ Chris -Geraldton Ontario

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