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I can thank you guys enough for your complimentary words (yeah, even Mike Brown) regarding our first edition of Q-Talk. Member satisfaction is our primary goal.

A project like this is the results from the work of many people, though. I want to especially thank those members who contributed articles and tips. Active participation is paramount and their effort deserves praise.

The color photos for this issue are on our website now. Go to the following address:

to view those images. Click on any of the images to get a closer view. Press your browsers Back button to return to the thumbnail photo menus. Be sure to check out Paul Buckley's angle of incidence tool that he mentioned here on the Q-List.

We have some very neat things coming on our website like photo uploads and builder/pilot demographics that you can search. I will be announcing those at they become available. Right now, we have a revolving photo on the front page of Every time you load up that page, you might see a different Quickie show up. Send in a good photo of your plane and you can be on the cover, too.

If you have not had a chance to see the new Q-Talk format, it is not too late to join the growing membership. The rates have not changed; $20 for US addresses, $22 for Canadian addresses and $26 for all other addresses. All amounts are in US funds on a US instrument (sorry,bank talk).

Send your check or money order made out to the Quickie Builders Association to the following address:

Quickie Builders Association
3706 Vira Road
Stow, OH 44224

Email me at editor@... if you have any questions or comments.


From: JMasal (view other messages by this author)
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 03:31:27


You guys who jumped outta Q-Talk this year (or have forgotten) because you may have underserved ought to take another look. Richardson has his first one out this year and it is so jam- packed that he reduced the print and I need my bifocals.

He has set himself a tough task to include info on each Q variant as well as some simple but universal tips and tricks in each issue.
As the founding father, I'm impressed with what he has just now started. When he gets traction...LOOKOUT!

And he must not have enough to do around the house (Susie) because he' s got a very good start on a new Q website... to include color pix of what he has in the newsletter. j.
Dave Richardson
Q-Talk Editor

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