Re: Ottawa Rides.......Spars again......

Don Stewart <siinc@...>

The carbon Spar man is alan Thayer. He'll be at Ottawa to talk about his
new spar and the load testing he just finished.

Barry Stearns wrote:

Hello all. Just wanted to get in touch with some of you for the
possibility of scheduling one of those religious rides at Ottawa this year.
Would really appreciate the opportunity to fly in one of your aircraft.
Please let me know if this would be possible. I am planning on being down
Early Saturday and be there for the duration of the flyin.

Also, as most already know i am still in need of a set of spars. I knew
that someone had told me they had access to a set, but the name escapes me
now. Please respond if you are that special person. Someone else also has
brought up the possibility of getting spars made by some of the original
spar manufacture. I appreciative the help on this and look forward to
meeting you all again at Ottawa.

Barry Stearns
Grand Island, Nebraska

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