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That is what I plan to do. Set the spring trim to neutral and then try to get
the strainers to hold the elevator without spring pressure. You might set up the
spring trim system so you can change the drag brake on the trim wheel in flight.
Then spring load will cause the wheel to backdrive to relieve the load. This
will let you see what spring load exists in cruise. Two things to remember. My
airplane goes noticeably faster with the elevator reflexed up (pitch down).
Also, remember that Gary Hertzler recommended that we get the springs to do as
much of the work as possible because that will cause lower trim drag. By the
way, I can always feel slight "nibbling" at the stick in cruise, even in smooth
air. It has no effect on the airplane that I can see, and the airplane has fair
pitch stability if my CG isn't too far aft. I don't know if what I am feeling is
stall (I doubt it) or just turbulence from the propwash. It seems to me that the
strainers ought to be outside of the prop arc to avoid trim change due to power
changes. I think if the strainers were really stalling, there would be a pitch
response from the Q and I've never felt that.

Bob F.

Jon Finley wrote:


Yea, now that I think about it the land portion of the sequence is

Right. No strainers previously, only trim springs holding the elevator.

No, not really. I have the plans setup with the rope, springs, and wheel.
That does give me something to think about though. Maybe, while on the
ground, I could note the position of the trim wheel while the elevators are
at their normal cruise position. Then fly, move the trim to the previously
marked position and begin adjusting the strainers until it flies hands off
with the trim in this position. The problem with all of this is the fact
that there are so many variables involved (CG, t-tail, reflexor, trim,
etc...). Those of you that are flying know that you can lean forward or
back to control pitch - the Q is really sensitive.

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Jon Finley wrote:


> The only way that I can figure to do this is to remove the existing
> trim and fly-adjust-fly-adjust-fly-adjust until this state is reached.

Jon, you may want to land between "fly-adjust". :)

> The problem
> is that my arm couldn't handle flying without the trim (stick forces way
> high to hang on for too long).

Did you have any strainers at all before?... or was it the trim
which was holding the elevator in trail?

Does your trim mech. have a neutral position where the spring is
not holding anything?


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