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Ron <rondefly@...>

Great Damian, looks like you have some work ahead of you. Send some picts
when you can.

Ron Triano


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Hey, Ron Q200 N8427 is now residing at my shop along with an unstarted
virgin kit! My God What have I done? James Postma and I flew out to Phoenix
rented a U-Haul and cleaned out a hangar.Then drove it non stop back here to
N8427 Hit a large bird in flight and broke the prop (one blade)
neccessatating an emergency landing on a road where she hit a pole and
sheared off one side of the LS1 Canard, smashed the firewall abit, and
crushed one cyl. head of the 0200.
I am now on the hunt for a spar for an LS1. it is 0400 and James just left
with the empty Uhaul.I will have to check your site out later. I AM BEAT.
Damian Gregory N8427

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