Re: Sparrow Strainers

DKeats/CWalterson <dkeats@...>

John ----- Regarding the sparrow strainer question.--- On my Dragonfly
after installing them I have never had to adjust. I think the idea is
that the stainers pull the elevator down and the spring will trim them
up. As long as the strainers are close to the same angle of attack as
the canard it should all work. My strainers are upside down
airfoils..... As for fine tuning , I find once my elevator is set I
never touch it all year. I use the reflexor to get the elevator EXACTLY
inline with the wing. No down elevator for me. This seems to give me the
best speed. I can still fly hands off in cruise but only long enough to
scratch my nose, after that it will gradually roll left,right or pitch
up or down. Whatever it feels like doing. Hope this helps--- Chris

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