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I am doing exacly as you plan on my 'Vair. I have weighed and measured the O-200 from my TriQ200 taken while I had the engine pulled to check and reset mag timing during my annual condition inspection this fall. It was 100% complete with all the stuff you mention. The B&C starter is much lighter than the stock O-200 starter and the alternator I use is about half the wieght of the stock and mounted up front. My 3100 dressed out the same as my O-200 is lighter and is being mounted in the same C.G. location. It is my hope that the battery will not even have to move to compensate for differences. Kind of an either/or type of powerplant installation. Here are the results:

* Wt. and C.G. is O-200 with 8 lb. Sterba 60x70 prop as configured 11/03 w/ front mount alternator, both mags, full oil, & B&C starter. Engine only C.G. is 6-15/16" forward of accessory case mounting surface or 10-7/8" forward of firewall.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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Hi all,

I am doing break-in of a Corvair motor to be installed on a Q-2 airframe. I would like information about the firewall forward total weight and resultant arm of an O-200 installed on successfully flying Q-200's. If you can, please include prop, spinner, prop hub extention, hoses, alternator, carb, and other component/accessories, e.g. carb heat, oil cooler, sensors, etc. I have the O-200 installation plans from QAC and I realize several relatively heavy items are located behind station 14 from the datum, i.e. mags, starter. I would like to locate the Corvair's motor's total weight, moment and arm as closely as possible to the weight and arm of a typical O-200 installation, and thereby minimize weight and balance adjustments. I also have the Q-2 handbook with its instuctions for determining the Q-2's weight and balance data.

Since several other persons are working on Corvair installations for their Q-2, I believe this information would be useful to them also.

Thanks for your assistance,

Joseph Snow
(Hoping to fly in 2005)

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