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Larry Severson

<I estimate that 80% of airplanes with airworthiness certificates are hangar

James Postma>

At 04:19 AM 11/8/2004 +1000, you wrote:

That is a very bad statistic if true Is that a world wide number ?.

How can we help to change the picture ?
Less flaming and more help for those asking questions. Fixing my plane is taking far longer than it should because of the minimal information available.

How about direct contact ?
That is a great idea, but who and how. There are other owners here at Chino, but I have been unable to meet them to ask questions. A good example is my rudder. I have ended up cutting out the bottom pivot because I could not remove the rudder. There was only 1/2 inch clearance below the pivot. Additionally, the pin holding it on was too long, even if the pivot gave the suggested 1.1 inch clearance. Without information, everything I do has to be a destructive "experiment".


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