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My definition of a flying aircraft is similar to what a certified aircraft
would be after having it's annual inspection and the owner being current in
the airplane. Most certified airplanes are like this. My wife has a Beech
Sundowner which is in commission and we can go out to it and fly it anytime.
My Q2 is in this condition. I'm only counting Q's that are out of phase I
and have been certified by the owner.

Jim, your number of 160 that have flown sounds reasonable and I do not doubt

I suspect that there are more Q's in museums than are in flying condition.

Perhaps we could take a survey. I know of 5 flying Q's at Livermore, I have
2, there are 2 at Abbotsford, about 8 others came to the various flyins
this year, it sounds like there are maybe 10 others flying from comments on
this list.

James Postma
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May your header tank be always full and your wings right side up.

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And who do you suppose, Mr Postma, is going to know the number flying,


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