New GU canard wax?, Q2 status

Edward N. MacLeod <ed@...>

Hi gang,

Just a thought:
There was a brief infomercial on a new kind of car wax. Instead of
water beading up on the surface, like regular wax, the water spreads
out. The water film gets thinner and thinner until the surface becomes
essentially dry. Has anyone seen this commercial? It sounds like a
possible GU rain fix. I sure would like to take a razor blade to those
vortex generators.

Q2 Status:
My Q2 (Revmaster) is almost ready for flight #2.
I relocated the roll trim so that it can be readily adjusted in flight.
The engine is running great at all speeds. The carb is tuned for
exactly 100deg F EGT drop from full rich to max EGT.

I am not sure this is a problem, but I am only getting 2900 rpm on fast
taxis. Ground acceleration seems like it could be better. The prop is
a 54-48, Arrow Prop. The airfoil thickness on the prop seems thick for
the horsepower. It also has plastic tape over the leading edge for rain
tolerance, the tape is fairly thick (>.005") and not faired into the

Any thoughts on the above are appreciated.

Big Thanks,


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