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David J. Gall

If you want to salvage the old canard, it is possible to remove the canard
by cutting along the fuselage/canard interface parallel to the surface of
the canard using a hack saw blade mounted in a sawzall or equivalent. With
care, you'll only lose about 1/8" from the fuselage opening.

David J. Gall

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I have removed and replaced an LS1 canard and it worked out
well as follows:
1. Cut into the canard as close as possible to the hull
using a pad saw by hand. do not damage the hull. May need to
use an angle grinder near the trailng edge when cutting
through the "spar" stiffener.
2. Turn the aircraft over and repeat.
3. Remove the underside skin.
4 Dig out the foam exposing the upper skin inside the
cockpit and cut this around the hull also.
5 I used an angle grinder with stiff wire brush to strip
unwanted glass from inside the firewall and from the hull
inside and out. With care can strip one ply at a time.
6 Now the opening in the hull would suit a replacement GU
but you want to fit an LS1 .You could use the BL 15 LS1
template to approximate the opening.
7 The new canard was fitted by bedding into the hull in
flox while the aircraft was supported upside down. Set up the
main wing horizontal using a WL tube. Using a smart level
accurate to =/- 0.1deg measure the inclination at main wing
at BL 50. The level line is 5.5deg above this surface
therefore calculate the required reading for the canard meas
at BL48.8.
8 Important...When constructing the canard leave say 4
level slats attached to the canard underside . These are
temporarily glassed in place while the canard is in the bench jig.
9. The canard is positioned so that it is horizontal by WL
, parallel to the wing by measurement, and levelled using the
slats item 9 adjusted for the BL50 wing reading taken in item
7 above.
10. Remove or radius any excess flox and have several beers.
You will need to finish the job next day by glassing into the
hull according to plans,then turn the bird rightway up and
glass inside the cockpit into the hull and reinf. We did this
from outside using a brush attached to a telescopic
handle.Order more beer.

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What procedure would you follow to replace a GU canard. My
concerns are:
How to best cut out the old canard (tools and method) and
install the new canard.
How to align the new canard properly (incidence, lateral
level, skew).

James Postma
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