Ottawa2000, PayPal, Corvair Confab

Don Stewart <siinc@...>

I just added PayPal as a secure way to pay for your Ottawa2000 Fly-In
registration by Credit Card. Paypal is free to enroll and free to use,
all you need is a credit card. The advanced registration discount ends
in Sept, so sign up (and pay, pal) now to save some buck$.

Registration info for Ottawa2000 and PayPal is at

Also, I have received confirmation from William Wynne that he will,
indeed, hold a CORVAIR CONFAB Forum at Ottawa2000. It is scheduled
immediately after the Engine Forum, at 12noon for about an hour (or
until everyone is sick and tired). Check out the revised schedule for
Ottawa2000 at

If you are new to the Ottawa2000 Fly-In, look here for details:

Don Stewart

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