Re: Suffering from Inadequate Rudder Size Syndrome? Try RuDDeral1is

David J. Gall

I love it when a plan works. THANK YOU BOB MALECHEK!!! And thank you, Phil,
for the follow-up seventeen years later. Here's the original report:

From Nov./Dec. 1987 Q-Talk issue #6, p. 7:


"Bob Malechek here in Dallas has been exercising his analytical mind and
tinkering ability to try to figure out and overcome some of his Q-200's
mysterious handling qualities. He's beginning to feel his plane handles
now more like a trike than a taildragger (and it's not a Tri-gear). Some
thoughts on tires: Bob built his pants to fit the McCreary 5.00x5's but
switched to Lamb's saving 3" diameter and 4 lbs. He noticed the
McCreary's have a rounded tread contact with the ground whereas the Lamb
was flatter. More stable? He found the Lamb was balanced better than the
McC. With the diameter decrease, he moved his axles 1.25" forward of the
LS-1 plans callout. While he was at it, he put a normal load in the
cockpit and then set his wheel to contact the ground vertically (no
camber) and straight down the runway (no toe). After 12 landings, he
believes something among these changes was significantly better. With
his soft tailwheel and 70+ hrs. in the bird now, he may need to install
a small TV to keep from falling asleep after touchdown. More from
Malechek as testing continues."

David J. Gall

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Yes N870BM did NOT have "plans built" wheel alignment. The
wheel alignment was corrected early in its development by
Bob Malechek and this solved all ground handling issues.

Phil Lankford

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