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I repeat. The standard rudder is ineffective on the ground. Do not count
on it to do anything if your tailspring breaks. No theory here. Just many

My first introduction to this phenomena was my test pilot before I flew. He
had the reflexor down and could not get the tail on the ground. He had the
rudder full over because of a small crosswind. When the tail came down,
there was an immediate ground loop. There are two other results on this
list in the last two months. Please read them.

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A bell crank with separate wires for the tailwheel and rudder is part of
JB 6 pack. This enables the use of springs for the tailwheel to soften
effect. It also enables control of the rudder should the tailspring
This will not be very effective with the standard rudder

Say again Jim P.?

JB 6 Pack very effective with the STANDARD RUDDER.

Phil Lankford

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