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David J. Gall


Thaks for the invitation, but I must decline. I have plenty of thoughts on the issue, but I am categorically refusing to enter this debate. Look to the development of the B-17 for some clues, though....

David J. Gall
Sacramento, CA

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Can't speak for QAC but in the design stage rudders are sized using
the wing area and the cord. Sure would be interesting to see just how
the Q's size up. Any thoughts David G.? Another question might be
when does the rudder/VS stop flying or stall? What airfoil(s) are
the larger tails using?
Hey, Happy Thanksgiving. Think I'll go fly all these thoughts out of
my head when the sun shines on the Rockies. Keep building big tail
or small it's a great little airplane!!!

Paul Spackman

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One question that has never been asked or answered is why did QAC
use such a small rudder? Anybody know?

Every other taildragger I have ever seen has a huge rudder for
ground control.

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