certifying projects without logs


I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to certify or inspect a project I
complete if it has no logs to establish that it was built for
recreational purposes.

Let's say I buy a quickie project without logs. The airframe and
avionics are mostly complete, but I spend, say, 1,000 hours on
installing the engine, fitting the controls and building a couple
control surfaces, and checking the avionics. The prior builders are
unavailable, but I believe the panel was started by an avionics shop
and some airframe work and painting was done by another company. When
I look at the FAA documents listed at


I wonder:

(1) Can the plane be certificated (assuming it is airworthy)?
See 14 CFR part 21.191(g), ac20-139, ac20-27F.

Does anyone know about the designated airworthiness representatives
(DAR's) in the LVK/SFO area? Can I submit a prospective form 8000-38
to the local DAR for evaluation?

(2) Can I be certificated as the repairman for purposes of the annual
condition inspection?

This seems to be the applicable FAA document:

The only avenue seems to be (7)(B)(3), proving my ability to perform
condition inspections, since I'd fail (1) & (2). However, AC20-27F
(16)(a) suggests that I would also have to be the primary builder.
Does anyone have experience with getting this certificate without
prior builders' logs?

Thanks in advance...

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