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You are absolutely right! (At 16 years old, we both know engine
management didn't play a big role).

On the other hand, being an engineer (I know that dulls the dialog a
bit), I know there was a process that the guys went through to certify
the O200 that included a lot of things that are only visible when you
are looking at things in the aviation mind-frame.

That said, it makes me trust the O200 more because it was designed for
flying applications and has been proven there. (I know from personal
experience that sometimes things that seem obvious are radically
different when one looks at the tiny details).

Keep thinking out of the box anyway, it keep fuddy-duddys like me from
wrecking the fun!


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Consider this. Had your car been equipped with an 0-200 Continental
I'd bet a dollar to a dime that you would have managed to seize that
too. Engine management probably was not in your realm of interest back
those days. Consider what success you might have had if you had
watched your
cylinder head and exhaust gas temperatures. Just imagine.



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