Re: BTW: Final followup to the rest of the

L Koutz <koutzl@...>

Isn't that just real nice stir up the group and then leave!

I don't know what your point was in the last several posts but it sure wasn't informative,
educational or productive. Glad to see you will be leaving.

You know I hear those aluminum things are known to break up due to vibration. Back when you
were just a thought, I hear those Comet aircraft lost their tails due to that ugly
vibration. You better take your parachute just in case. Some of those new fangled air'chines
could do the same. Then with that parachute you can jump out the ass end.

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I forgot that the implications of posting here was possible flaming and
general bedlam. (Hopefully, I haven't awakened another sleeping giant
like I did with controllability).

Anyway, tomorrow, I am spam-cannin' my backside down to Texas (weather
permitting????) so I can't defend myself.

Enjoy yourselves,


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