Re: Sport pilot legal?

anav8r_guy <anav8r@...>

Does this also apply to the Q1? I'd hope for a slower stall speed from
a small plane with a sub mach cruise speed. Is there a future for the
Q1 as a Sport Pilot capable aircraft?

So Oregon

--- In Q-LIST@..., Mike Perry <dmperry1012@c...> wrote:
Not even close as I understand the rules. Pitch Buck = Canard
happens at over 60 mph in the best of these planes. Even with VG's
Postma can't get under 60 mph.

Mike Perry
Atascadero, CA

At 12:44 AM 11/28/2004 +0000, you wrote:

Subject line says it all.

I had first looked into purchasing a "Q" kit in the '80s but time
not permit me to pursue it. I instead bought a Cessna 172 and later
177RG. I am now again considering building a "Q" but need to
re-educate myself about the aircraft. Since I plan to fly under the
new Sport Pilot rules and not my rusty commercial ticket will a Q2
into the new Sport Pilot aircraft criteria? Although the gross
and max cruise speed are within limits with a landing speed of
is the stall speed under the 51mph maximum? It appears the single
Quickie fits in the Sport Pilot category but I'd really like to get
two seats instead of one.

Any information or guidance you might provide would be appreciated.


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