Re: Anyone know gross for Q1 ?

Dorothea Keats and Chris Walterson <dkeats@...>

Ralph-------- As the other post said, the plans for the Super Quickie
mods are in the files in the Q list.
Ryan---------- The fuel burn gets pretty scarey in the 6,000 rpm range.
Must be 5 gph. Throttle back to 5200 and it's around 3.5 . With the 8
US gallons on board I get about 1 1/2 hrs at a resonable cruise and then
I'm into my reserve.
As for the gross weight , In Canada as long as we can get our 300fpm
climb rate at gross, that can be our new gross. We need to stay within
the "utility" cataglory for G loading. I think it's 3.7. With the
amount of weight I carry and the wing area I end up at 13 lbs per sq .
ft. If I went to 13.3 lbs per Sq ft, the airplane would be classified
as High performance and I would need another rating. Or you can try to
convince Transport Canada that the elevators act as flaps and then you
can get a higher wing loading. With me and fuel I'm at 580 and someday I
may install and aux. fuel tank, but for now my 1400fpm climb blows the
carbon out of my arteries, just fine ------------ canada chris

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