Re: VW variations and Liquid cooled heads

Mike Perry <dmperry1012@...>

Thanks to Dave Haydon, James Postma, Doug Humble and Peter Harris. I'm
gone the next two days; I'll read any other replies when I get back.

Mike Perry

At 05:50 PM 12/1/2004 -0800, you wrote:
After reading James Postma's note below, I wondered: Has anyone used a
Type 1 VW engine other than the 65 hp Revmaster? Options I am aware of and
factory claims:

-- Revmaster R2100: 77 hp at 3300 rpm
-- Aero-Vee 2002: 80 hp continuous at 3400 rpm
-- Great Plains 2180 cc: 76 hp takeoff at 3600 rpm, 70 hp continuous
-- Great Plains "rear drive" 2180 cc: 80 hp takeoff, 75 hp continuous
(Steve Bennett once told me the main hp difference was better intake
manifold airflow)

As far as the 100 hp liquid cooled head VW, I see greater weight, more
complex installation and higher price. Why not go Jabiru or Corvair?

Mike Perry

At 08:21 PM 11/30/2004 -0800, James Postma wrote:

Have you seen this. 100 hp.

A little cheaper than an O-200.


James Postma

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