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I'll have to check with my guy in the know on this, but as I understand
it, the key word here is NEVER. That one has been registered before. When
you send the certification in, the paper trail will lead back to it if you
use the bill of sale for the original aircraft. If you just bought a pile of
parts that were not an airplane and had no registration with it, that's not
a registered airplane is it?
If you buy a boxed, started kit, or even a complete airplane, there is
no difference as long as neither has been registered (as in somebody
applying for a vanity N number ahead of time). If it has been registered as
N1234 even still in the box, and you buy it with a bill of sale listing it
as N1234, trouble is a'brewin. If it has been built and registered or flown
under that number, you can pretty much forget the workman's cert.
Now if you take that pile of parts, rebuild it, repair it, make
significant changes, or otherwise do enough work to encompass the 51% rule
(which is VERY vague and interpreted differently by different people), and
register it as a different airplane, you may very well get it registered and
workman certified. It will depend on who gives you the sign-off in this
case. If the designee doesn't think you are up to the work, you haven't done
enough of the work to qualify, or you didn't do enough of the various genres
of work required to meet the 51% rule (welding, engine installation, foam,
glass work, controls, rigging, etc...), you definitely will not get a
workman's cert. You need to talk with your guy about this personally. Mike

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IF the plane had never been certified, it
basically doesn't exist,
Ok, Mike, I have one that was taken off the FAA registry after a pretty
crash. Do you suppose this one exists? Seems like it wont if its not on
registry anymore.


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