Re: Experts???


C'mon, gimme a kiss. I know you want to.


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Dumb logic. Someone having built an airplane (or surfboard, or patched
a fender with a glassing kit) doesn't make them a freaking polymer
chemist. Please engage brain before setting keyboard in motion.

But then there are not a lot of polymer chemists who have kitplanes
on the
FAA Registry. Jeff et. al. who are tempted to waste time on a person
who wants
to display his intellectual prowess to an audience... just hit the
when you see "judd " show up like I will. Your life will be just
fine not
knowing. There are so many opinions that you already dont know and
your life
isn't any worse for it. Relax, have a beer, work on your airplane
and don't get
caught in a useless vortex.

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