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David J. Gall


I would very much like to read whatever you write about your Linamar P220
experience, including the simple things like where to get them and model
numbers, etc. Perhaps you could do a write-up for Q-Talk?

Thank you,

David J. Gall

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If you intend to purchase a new engine......good move. The
engines have improved much over the years. To see the old and
new is....well.....impressive. I'm running the P220 engine
which started as a short block. Last purchase was the Linamar
engine for my John Deere and was cheaper than purchasing the
short block.
I can pass on the the model and spec. nos. if you would like.
The breaker ignition type may or may not be available any
more...don't know.

Once purchased we can then begin a whole new set of
discussions. Yes there are a few things to do. Its close to a
bolt on and go but not quite. I burned up mine on the first
flight for example.
Learned the internal differences the hard way. The new
engines can't take the heat in specific areas the old ones
could and the carbueration must follow the engine ie...the
old carb and intake won't work, will fit but won't work.


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