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David J. Gall


Check the last few pages of "superq.pdf" in the files area on the Q-LIST
Yahoo Group. There's info there on the props used for the Rotax 503
conversion, and you can figure out the prop clearance from there. Generally,
FAR Part 23 design guidelines call for 9 inches prop ground clearance in the
tail-up normal landing attitude and "positive ground clearance" with one
tire flat and the gear (canard) deflected under a 1.5g load (equivalent to a
leaf spring gear).

David J. Gall

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I will soon be turning my attention to props for my Q1.
Because my engine is not an Onan, I will have a different
prop. What is the recommended clearance for the prop tip to
ground when the airplane is firewall perpendicular to the
ground? What are some of the prop sizes on other Q1's and
super Q1's? My prop centerline is 2" above where the onan
prop would have occured.

Thanks in advance.
Dave R.

Finihing cowling, intrument panel out getting powder
coated.... time to start thinkin propeller. PS I'm leaning
towards a powerfin prop with 3 or 4 blades.

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