Re: Phoenix Deer Valley (Dates)

Don Stewart <siinc@...>

No Canard Wing Deer Valley Fly-In. Renamed the Mountain States Fly-In
for Canard Wing A/C and will be at Laughlin NV/BullHeadCity AZ around
the end of February (2nd Annual). More on the website when it is
Glad to have you.

Don Stewart

docrw wrote:

Hi Guys,
Would Don Stewart, and Tom Moore get together and post the necessary information for
the Deer Valley Fly-in? That's a Fly-In that us in the West could make... I'm
going to try!
David Hiatt

Hey Guys,
"Honey Lamb" and I are flying to Phoenix in Oct. We will land at Deer
Valley. There are a couple of choices for parking and fuel as far as my
Flight Guide shows. Does anyone know which is the best deal and are the
Q and avionics going to be safe? Matt Guensch (sp.) didn't I see your Q
in the
parking area at Deer Valley? Is there availability in a hanger for a few

Bruce Crain
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