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If my Q had a pull starter, from what I know, I would stick with that.


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Thanks for the info and glad you found that tooth! I talked to Rich
at Sky Tec the day after you called, and he relayed your story. I
started asking general questions about a Sky Tec with a high
compression O-200, but then cut to the concern with Jim Patillo's
three failures. Rich was very upfront about the whole matter and told
me not to buy a Sky Tec for a high compression O-200. He said they
need to go to work and find the problem, and he assured me he would.

After searching the Internet and not finding any real issues with Sky
Tecs and O-200s, I was prepared to buy one as I thought Jim's
problems may have been partially related to the dual electronic
ignition. Instead, my pull starter comes off this weekend for an
overhaul. Maybe a B&C will go in next winter.

Brad Olson
N321TM, Livermore

Brad Olsen and guys,

First off, my apologies to Brad Olsen for not responding to an
offline email
he sent me regarding the following subject. My email was filtering
without attachments and I didn't realize it.

I am responding to his email on list because I think it is of
interest to
many regarding Skytech starters.

Background: I ordered a Skytech starter on the basis of what
told me and after discussing what seemed to be the problem with Jim
Patillo's starter aka. "electronic ignition induced kickback". Upon
receiving the new starter I installed it and it seemed to work well,
but had
more of a "grinding" sound in operation than I would have liked.

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