Re: Laughlin

Jim Patillo

Bruce that is great news! We'll be looking for you.

I will be a lot of fun, especially with our estern brethern. Try to
get Fisher off the dime. He ought to be comming too.

Jim P.

--- In Q-LIST@..., "jcrain2@j..." <jcrain2@j...> wrote:

Several of us are "on it like a duck on a June bug"! Hopefully
with weather permitting a few of us from east of the "Rockies" will
be in attendance! It is an awesome trip through the mountains!
Although they aren't that tall flying out I-40 west. Look forward to
seeing you guys Jim!

-- "Jim Patillo" <patillo@a...> wrote:

Hopefully we will have Livermore Q's in attendance. Bob, Jim, Brad,
Jeff and Mark. Alan too but no plane, he's still working on it.

Jim P.

--- In Q-LIST@..., "jcrain2@j..." <jcrain2@j...> wrote:

Hey Lynn,
Sam Kittle and I were discussing the Laughlin Fly in. We were
wondering if you could be provoked into flying out. Maybe a 2 or 3
or 4 ship from the frozen Midwest! I couldn't get your e-mail
address to work.

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