Re: Seat belt anchor bolts

Jim Patillo

Larry & Sam,

How many people have crashed these things? (Lots) How many people
have lived? (Lots) How many died because the seatbelt failed?
(Debatable) How many people built per plans? (Lots) See where I'm
going with this. Just build it per plans and move on. You need to
consider making double mount points in the main wing for each set of
belts. This will eliminate the harness cutting into your neck while
flying problem.

Jim Patillo In California where the sun never shines anymore.

--- In Q-LIST@..., Larry Hamm <LDHAMM@X...> wrote:

I, too, wonder about the ability of the glass to hold 9G forces.
about ten plies of six inch wide UNI, run as far to the rear as

Thanks also to John and Neil, but since your answers don't match,
have to throw them out. No, seriously, it sounds like the AN-4 will
the job. Since I'm not planning on ever trying it out, I should be


Sam Kittle wrote:

I have been looking at installing my belt anchors and am really
concerned about the 7 layers of BID to the inside skin. I am
of cutting through the inside skin, removing the clark foam and
accomplishing the lay-up to the inside of the outside skin.

It looks to me that the AN4 bolt is stronger than the lay-up to
inside skin. But I am not an engineer.


Larry Hamm wrote:

My van has metric grade 8.8 bolts, 10mm diameter, anchoring the
(and me). They feel very strong, even when I yank on them REALLY
On the other hand, the Q plans call for AN4 bolts, about 6mm

Do 1/4" bolts really seem sufficient? Then again, since the Q
don't have much to hang on to, I guess bigger bolts wouldn't
provide any
more security, huh?

Should I leave out the header tank and install airbags??

Larry Hamm

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