Re: Seat belt anchor bolts

Larry Hamm <LDHAMM@...>

Thanks for that info. I'll see if I can find that issue.

Paul Buckley wrote:

Somewhere in an old Q-talk there is a suggested modification to the
seat belt attach points, utilising the outside skin. I am a little
hazy about it but I think it involved removing a section of the inner
skin and foam and floxing in a 3/8 ply reinforcing plate, then
applying the glass reinforcing patches on the inside. The holes for
the fastening bolts are then drilled all the way through the fus.
side, countersunk on the outside and the appropriate AN4 bolts used.
Any depression left on the fus. skin is filled with flox and a one
ply bid patch applied (if considered neccessary)

Paul Buckley TriQ-200 Cheshire England.

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