Re: Seat belt anchor bolts

Jim Patillo


Build per plans. The dual mount on the shoulder straps are a confort
thing but I've flown both types and don't like getting my neck cut
by harnesses. Besides its unconfortable. IMHO.

Jim P.

--- In Q-LIST@..., Larry Hamm <LDHAMM@X...> wrote:
OK, Jim, which is it, build per plans or make two wing mount
points each
seat? :) (I appreciate the tip!)

I had just noticed the gross disparity in size between the anchor
in my van and in a Q and was wondering. I guess there aren't too
head on collisions in the air.

In Utah where the sun shines except when Cali sends it's crud up

Jim Patillo wrote:

Larry & Sam,

How many people have crashed these things? (Lots) How many
have lived? (Lots) How many died because the seatbelt failed?
(Debatable) How many people built per plans? (Lots) See where
going with this. Just build it per plans and move on. You need
consider making double mount points in the main wing for each
set of
belts. This will eliminate the harness cutting into your neck
flying problem.

Jim Patillo In California where the sun never shines anymore.

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