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David J. Gall


BellSouth lost much of their newer switching equipment for the 407 and 772 area codes in the hurricanes last year and are still rebuilding the network in that area. The existing network is older equipment pressed back into service and subject to interesting glitches like the one you experienced.

David J. Gall

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Thanks Mike, I did have their number, actually it is 772 589 1860. My problem
was connecting with them. I tried three times over a 20 minute span and kept
getting a recorded message from Bell that their phone had been disconnected
which in fact was not the case. I did try again this morning and got through
with no problem. The only plausible explanation I have to date is what I
outlined in my email to this group this morning. While I have this opportunity
I would like to thank you for your website on building your Q200. I have
visited it a number of times in the past 11 months since purchasing my kit.
How is the Osprey coming along?
Q2 Builder
Ottawa, Canada

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Their tel # is 772-589-1660 You can also contact Scott on Email at[
scottswing@... <mailto:scottswing@...> ]

>Just tried to reach Velocity Aircraft in Sebastian Florida re: ordering
parts and was told their number has been disconnected. Can anyone fill me in
on what has happened there. Thanks.
>Q2 builder
>Ottawa Canada

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